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Title: How do I edit the check configurations?
Post by: Developer Team on 05 August, 2019, 09:14:38
In order to make the checks reflect your coding guidelines, you need to edit the check configurations. When running Code Checker for MATLAB for the first time, a configuration file with default values for all checks will be created and activated.

Accessing the configuration file
The configuration file (XML) can be accessed in the following ways:

Editing the configuration file
The configuration file contains multiple elements, most of which can be edited. For example, you can disable a check by changing the value of its <enabled> element to 0 or attach a link to the guideline using the guidelineLink element. To configure a parameter, go to the relevant <parameter> element in the configuration file and change the value or description. Keep an eye on the parameter's constraints defined by alloweditem or allowedmin/allowedmax elements. Changing these constraints in the configuration file has no effect because they are only there for reference.

The following things can be configured for every check:

Using the edited configuration file
After editing the guideline configurations file, save it and just start a Code Checker for MATLAB run. Any changes will be applied immediately.