Author Topic: What happens to my configuration file when checks are added in a new release?  (Read 1951 times)

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When you update to a newer version of Code Checker for MATLAB, the configuration file you use to customize the checks and reports remains valid. However, the list of checks and configurable parameters may be expanded. When you run the new checks, they will be enabled using default values. If you wish to configure these as well, you want to add them to your configuration file. Here’s two ways to do that:
•   In the Configuration tab of the GUI, click the Update button.
•   In the command window, enter monkeyproof.cc4m.updateConfigurationFile to update the currently active configuration file. By providing a configuration file as an input, you can update a specific configuration file.

Comments and empty lines in your configuration file get lost in this process, so keep this in mind!
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