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How do I edit the check configurations?
« on: 05 August, 2019, 09:14:38 »
In order to make the checks reflect your coding guidelines, you need to edit the check configurations. When running Code Checker for MATLAB for the first time, the MonkeyProofSolutions predefined set of configurations will be used to check your files. You can use the Configuration Editor shipped with Code Checker for MATLAB to interactively edit your configuration file to your liking.

Opening the Configuration Editor
The Configuration Editor can be opened in the following ways:
  • In the GUI on the Configuration tab, select the configuration file you want to use and click the Open button
  • In a report, there are several links to the configuration file that was used for the Code Checker for MATLAB run:
    • In the Meta data section at the top of the report, click the Open button on the Configuration file row.
    • At a results table, click Open check configuration to open the configuration file to the specific check.
    • At a results table, click Open after a parameter's name to open the configuration file to the parameter.
  • In the command window, type monkeyproof.cc4m.openConfigurationFile(configFile). If the input is left out, the active configuration file will be opened.

Editing the configuration file
The Configuration Editor lets you customize the checks and parameters of Code Checker for MATLAB interactively. Select a check in the table on the left and edit its values the way you want to. See the documentation for more detailed information on how to use the Configuration Editor.
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