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Release 2.5.0 now available!
« on: 27 October, 2020, 17:05:19 »
Code Checker release 2.5.0 is now available for download!

New features include:
  • Added rerun functionality.
  • Checks can now be configured multiple times, allowing for more precise mapping of your guidelines onto your configuration file.
  • Nine new checks:
    • checkCharacterArray checks the usage of character arrays.
    • checkConstantDefinitionAtTop checks whether all constants are defined at the top of the function or script.
    • checkContiguousStructFieldDefinitions checks whether for every struct, the fields are defined in a single, contiguous block of code..
    • checkMagicNumber reports use of so-called magic numbers or unnamed numerical constants in your code.
    • checkMixedTypesExpression checks expressions and conditions to see if operands or operators of logical and numerical
      types were mixed.
    • checkParenthesesLogicalOperators reports any statements in which insufficient parentheses are used to clarify the precendence
      of logical operators.
    • checkParenthesesMathematicalOperators checks if all statements with mixed mathematical operators use sufficient parentheses to clarify operator precedence.
    • checkShellEscape checks if the shell escape function is used in the code.
    • checkStringDataType checks if the string data type is used in the code.
  • Compatible with MATLAB R2020b, oldest supported release is R2017b.

Get Code Checker for MATLAB v2.5.0 now by going to our webshop. If you are already using Code Checker for MATLAB, upgrade to release 2.5.0 using the instructions provided here.
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