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Release 2.10.0 now available!
« on: 26 April, 2022, 14:29:14 »
Code Checker release 2.10.0 is now available for download!

New features include:
  • Added the option to generate a JSON summary, this feature is only available with the Pro license.
  • In the HTML report at most one violation of the same type per line of code will be shown for several checks.
  • Added severity levels to the check configurations. Existing configuration files without severity levels configured take over the default values. If the user wants to change the severity level of a check, this can be done in the Configuration Editor..
  • Added a parameter to checkOperatorsLineContinuation that lets you choose whether or not to check equals signs used in assignments as well.
  • Compatible with MATLAB R2022a.
  • Added an auto-fixer for checkCopyrightNotice.
  • Added an auto-fixer for checkMissingSemiColon.
  • Added an auto-fixer for checkOperatorsLineContinuation.
  • Four new checks:
    • checkMethodsInClassdef checks if all methods that are declared in a classdef file are also implemented, and that the declaration is the same as the implementation..
    • checkPropertiesBeforeMethods checks classdef files and reports any methods or properties blocks with duplicate attribute values.
    • checkTabCharacterUsed checks if tab characters are used, since the length of a tab can vary it is therefore advised to use spaces instead.
    • checkTestSuffix checks if the configured suffix is reserved for unit test files.
Get Code Checker for MATLAB v2.10.0 now by going to our webshop. If you are already using Code Checker for MATLAB, upgrade to release 2.10.0 using the instructions provided here.
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