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Release 2.11.0 now available!
« on: 19 January, 2023, 10:31:22 »
Code Checker release 2.11.0 is now available for download!

New features include:
  • Updated GUI layout.
  • Reference configuration files.
  • Added predefined configuration MonkeyProof MATLAB Coding Standard that reflects release 1.2.0 of the MonkeyProof MATLAB Coding Standard MonkeyProof MATLAB Coding Standard.
  • The displayed name of the MonkeyProofSolutions predefined configuration is now MonkeyProof MATLAB Coding Standard++.
  • Compatible with MATLAB R2022b.
  • Added a parameter to checkMethodsInClassdef that lets you choose whether or not to allow varargin/varargout.
  • Eleven new checks:
    • checkAbstractClassInstantiation checks if any abstract classes are instantiated in the code that is checked.
    • checkCodeInterpretable reports files that cannot be interpreted by MATLAB due to invalid code.
    • checkCommandSyntax checks if command syntax statements are used in the code.
    • checkFunctionCallExcessInputs checks if functions are not called with more inputs than expected.
    • checkJavaUsed checks if the code uses Java.
    • checkMethodAccessPermissions checks classdef files to see if any methods use different access permissions than their superclass (if any).
    • checkSecurityWebOptions checks if the weboptions function is used securely.
    • checkSecurityWebxml checks if XML files are accessed securely.
    • checkSuperClassPropertyImplementation checks classdef files to see if it implements any superclass properties (if any).
    • checkUseIteratorVariableNameOutsideLoop checks if loop iterator variables are used outside the for-loop.
    • checkZeroBeforeDecimalPoint checks if the decimal point in numeric expressions has a zero before it.
Get Code Checker for MATLAB v2.11.0 now by going to our webshop. If you are already using Code Checker for MATLAB, upgrade to release 2.11.0 using the instructions provided here.