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Release 2.3.0 now available!
« on: 01 August, 2019, 13:34:16 »
MonkeyProof Solutions is pleased to announce that Code Checker for MATLAB v2.3.0 is now available! This release features among others:
  • Twelve new checks and reports. Some of the highlights are:
    • Check the number of lines of code in a function or file.
    • Check if nested and local functions use certain prefixes.
    • Set a maximum nesting depth for code blocks and check if it is ever violated.
    • Report the mex-files required for your code and identify which extensions are missing.
  • Major report improvements:
    • Added pagination of results so that many violations or many checked files does not result in very large tables.
    • All tables are now searchable which allows you to filter specific results easily.
    • All tables are now collapsable and expandable, improving readabillity and navigatability.
    • Improved visuals: fonts are more readable and tables are clearly separated entities.
  • Configuration files can now be updated automatically when new checks and parameters are added to Code Checker for MATLAB. See the Configuration tab in the GUI.
  • Added auto-fixers for three checks. These are accessible from the report.
  • Improved robustness, feedback and reliability

Get Code Checker for MATLAB v2.3.0 now by going to our webshop at
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